The Ministry is engaged in the following activities to achieve its mission;

Come and See Devotionals (Book Version)

This is a daily devotional intended to bring us closer to God through Jesus Christ. They are being written in simple language and easy to read format for your daily spiritual upliftment. Work is ongoing to complete and publish the English Language version. This will be followed by translations to other languages such as French, Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa, Arabic, Spanish and other local African languages. Presently, the English Language version of “Come and See” devotionals is currently available to our numerous email subscribers and also published on our social media daily.

Come and See Devotionals (Audio Version)

The book version has been recorded in a format to suit various audible format such as MP3 and CD’s. It is intended to be broadcast on radio stations and online internet radio stations to reach wider listening audiences. We are currently on Diamond FM (101.1) – 9.00 pm to 9.05 pm (Saturday & Sunday).

The Yoruba Language [South West Nigeria] audio version “Ewaa Woo” now on Lagelu 96.3 FM (Ibadan, Nigeria) with over 1.5 million regular listeners at 6.30 am daily (Monday -Saturday). Plans are ongoing to buy airtime in other regional radio stations to widen our reach.

Come and See Leaflets

Work is completed for our English Language tracts/leaflets for online distribution across the globe. and during our quarterly public outreach. They are also being written in different local languages and would be distributed during our public outreach.

Come and See Outreach

We intend to start holding quarterly meetings where people will gather for the touch of the Almighty God. It will be a gathering where the atmosphere for the miraculous is created through intense Worship, Praise and Word ministrations ( we shall give more updates on our meeting dates).

The Intercessory Ministration

Through our Prayer Request email addresses, your prayer request are picked up and acted upon through fervent prayers. We pray for God to meet your needs through Jesus Christ, trusting on His Faithfulness and competencies to safe and deliver.

Partnering with other Ministries

We partner with other Evangelical and charitable ministries through giving and other means of support. We support the needs of the persecuted Christians, homeless people, disaster affected communities etc.

Other Charitable Works

We have many charitable initiatives planned to meet the emotional, spiritual, economic and physical needs of people such as:

“Get Back on My Feet Again”-

This is a program designed to help ex-convicts who have served their time to get back on their feet again. We intend to partner with Prison Authorities especially in developing countries where convicts are not properly rehabilitated and with tendencies to go back to their life of crime after their release from prison.

We intend to provide them with accommodation, support vocational training and counseling to help them integrate back to the society and life a responsible life after serving their terms in prison

“Christmas & Easter Donations to the Poor”-

This is an ongoing program to help people who cannot afford to celebrate Christmas. It is a programme designed to support the needy by donating various gift items such as clothes, shoes, and food items during Easter and Christmas celebration.

Fellowship at Care Homes and Hospitals”-

This is an initiative to bring fellowship with the disabled and elderly people who are not strong enough to access Gospel due to ill health or other reasons. We intend to liaise with Care Homes, Hospitals and other health Care facilities to hold regular fellowships and Christian programs with willing residents and patients. We also intend to use this contact for prayers and ministrations. We shall provide more information as soon as this initiative begins.