What to do when you don’t know what to do (II)

O our God, will You not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon you.”
2 Chronicles 20:12, New King James Version).

This is the key Bible verse for our Come and See” devotional today.

The previous message in this series of devotionals showed that the habitation of the Most High is an atmosphere of praise. That previous message also described the reason for the unexpected victory enjoyed by King Jehoshaphat and the nation of Judah when facing the three nations that besieged them. That reason was that the King obeyed the instruction of God which was to use the King’s praise singers to sing God’s praises: this is a good approach to take whenever we are faced with powers that are stronger than our own abilities.  This devotional examines this praise remedy from another perspective. Thus, instead of inviting God down to the earth, we sometimes need to take the matter to the judgment seat of the Most High through the medium of high praise.

When we enter the gates that lead to the court, we need to thankful that we are members of the family of Christ Jesus and we need to be glad that the High Priest, Jesus Christ, is our Brother and Saviour. The key to the gates is praise as the Bible indicates: “enter into His Gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise .Be thankful to Him, bless His name” (Psalm 100:4, New King James Version). At this point, every selfish desire must be terminated, because our praise is now pleading: “God, put an end to evil; avenging God, show your colours! Judge of the earth, take your stand; throw the book at the arrogant.” (Psalm 94:1- 2, The Message)

In another biblical story in 2nd Kings 3, King Joram of Israel was faced with imminent defeat from the rebellious King of Moab, although he was expecting help from two other nations of Edom and Judah. But they were delayed on their way to rescue Israel, because of lack of water for their men and animals. As a result, King Joram did not know what to do save for Prophet Elisha who provided the solution when he offered praise to God , he said: “now bring me someone who plays the guitar …” (read 2nd Kings 3.10:15). Prophet Elisha gained access to the court of the Judge of the earth through praise and the difficult situation abruptly ended. In the end, Water was provided unexpectedly and he Israelites prevailed over their enemies in a miraculous way.

We can all take matters beyond the gates of the court house to the judgement seat of the King of Kings. As a born again child of God, Jesus Christ is your brother and the Chief Judge is your Father. Therefore any matter brought into the throne room of God will be decided in your favour before the hearing begins.

Let us pray: “Father, fight my difficult battles for me,” in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen.

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